Amazing Ways To Improve Your Office Space

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When you are a small business owner, you likely spend more time in your office than anyone else. Making the most of your office space will make a huge difference to your productivity. Trying to work in an office that doesn’t suit your working style won’t work for you. Instead, you need to create an office space that suits you and your company. You will likely stay in your office for a matter of years. That means that you can’t afford to have an office that doesn’t work for you. Here are some amazing ways to improve your office.


Make more of small spaces


If you have small spaces in your office that you don’t use, make the most of them. For example, if there is a corner that nobody ever uses, you can build some extra storage there. People often have a problem when their office is a strange shape. Offices with small corners and weird angles are hard to use. Make the most of the space that you have in your office no matter what.


Get a recycling  area


It is never too late to start recycling. We all know that we should do more for the environment, yet few of us bother to do anything at all. Create a recycling area where your employees can separate their trash. You might even find that you make more money by recycling. Often local councils offer incentives to businesses that recycle. That means that you could get extra bonuses when you start a recycling system.


Knock a wall through for extra room


If you have two office spaces, you should consider knocking the wall through to make one open space. Research has found that open-plan offices work best for young employees. Having an open space where you can all see each other will make a huge difference to the business. If you are renting property, you will need to ask before you make any drastic changes to the building. Having a large space in which to work will mean your staff are productive.


Rearrange the furniture


Again, offices work best when people can see each other. If everybody’s desks are facing away from each other, nobody can communicate. Move the furniture around in your office. Make sure that everybody can see each other in an open-plan space. That way people can talk to each other whenever they want. Constant communication means that everybody can get their point across to their colleagues.


Create a comfortable reception


When clients come and visit you in your office space, the first thing they see is the reception area. Having a comfortable reception area for your clients could make a huge impact on your business. The key to networking and making contacts is making people feel comfortable around you. Get some comfortable sofas and chairs in the reception area. It might also be worth getting a coffee machine for the area. When people come to see you, your receptionist can offer them coffee while they wait.


Make an entire whiteboard wall


A modern office environment is all about creativity. That means that people need to express themselves in the office. Choose one wall in your office, to be a whiteboard. You can get whiteboard material with which to cover your wall in one simple step. Once you have done that, you have a space where your employees can share their ideas. Make sure that everybody in the office has a marker pen. Tell people that they can share their ideas on the board whenever they want to. That means that you will always have fresh ideas from your staff.


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