A Guide To Coworking Spaces In NZ

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Coworking in New Zealand has transformed itself from being a trend to being a staple in the business community. In fact, since these offices have opened up years ago, the city is beginning to see coworking branch out in the variations of the popular work platform. In the beginning, coworking housed mostly the fledgeling start-up, but today, you can find SMEs and larger corporation adopting some form of the coworking space.


Today, New Zealand’s coworking community has become a very diverse place offering professionals a variety of options in terms of coworking workspaces. In addition to larger spaces like Servcorp, coworking space in NZ has become littered with smaller spaces that offer amenities that make working in the space more comfortable. However, while the general coworking space is still popular, New Zealand is seeing the appearance of non-traditional professionals and organisations adopt this workspace platform.


Let’s take a closer look at coworking in New Zealand and all the types of coworking spaces on offer.


New Zealand’s Current Landscape


Currently, the country’s coworking landscape is similar to others in the Asia-Pacific market with coworking spaces comprising both general, industry, and mission-based spaces. While typically serving the start-up, SMEs and larger businesses are increasingly taking an interest in the workstyle with larger organisations adopting many of the office’s concepts. However, coworking in New Zealand is redefining itself again.


Mission-Based Coworking Spaces


While the coworking scene continues to redefine itself, many organisations are taking advantage of the coworking model as a way to work. The non-profit, for example, has found a way to incorporate this platform in a way that promotes the organisation’s efforts while serving the community. First looking at models in the United States, New Zealanders have opened coworking spaces in response to seeing how this working format can be adapted to the non-profit mission. The idea of housing non-profits in the coworking space has been so attractive that funding through The Kollective was created to assist non-profits in New Zealand.


Introducing The Digital Nomad


When thinking about the lifestyle of the digital nomad, it easy to get pulled into an image of very young, rugged professionals taking their device and working in locations with an internet connection in any place from around the world. Asia, Europe, and the United States have a version of this particular professional, and now so does New Zealand. A few coworking spaces cater to this small group of professional travellers who call their device their office. Those wanting to work temporarily in the country will be pleasantly surprised to see lots of coworking spaces fitted out with the amenities needed to work.


If you are looking for communities in New Zealand that cater to digital nomads, Auckland and Wellington are a few with an established digital nomad community.  Some of the amenities you might need as a digital nomad is definitely a reliable internet connection. A full-service kitchen and flexible hours top the list of amenities you might find in these areas.


Coliving And Coworking Spaces


Another development that might appear on the kiwi landscape is the coliving coworking space. Already established in Asia, this mix of living quarters with workspace is soon to catch on. Essentially, the coliving space is designed for travellers who need accommodations but also need valuable workspace as well. This workspace is ideal for the digital nomad, but others who find they need reasonable accommodations might find coliving a viable option in the country.


Coworking New Zealand


As foreign interests take an interest in the country’s landscape, coworking will continue to be a favourite of entrepreneurs looking for new fertile ground. In the next few years, the landscape will continue to expand as digital nomads and other temporary workers make their way onto the kiwi scene. Coworking seems to be that type of office platform, one that is fluid and bends with the needs of its patrons.


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