A 6 Step Guide to Keeping Your Office Clean and Tidy

Keeping an office clean and tidy can be difficult, as desks and workspaces can become cluttered easily. This makes even the simplest of tasks all the more stressful! Regardless of whether you’re working from home or have your own office, you need to keep your workspace tidy. Here’s a 6 step guide to make it easier for you:

1. Get Organised


Paper and clutter all over your desk will make tasks extremely difficult for you. Use boxes and filing equipment to keep your papers in order so you can quickly grab them when you need to. You’ll also stop paper from getting lost and damaged this way.


2. Wipe Surfaces and Electronics


Cleaning wipes are a fantastic tool for getting rid of that coffee mug ring, or that dried on bit of ketchup from your Mcdonalds happy meal. Cheap wipes can quickly be grabbed to get rid of stains like these, so keep them close to hand. Wipe over all stains, but remember to wipe your electronics too as these can pick up bacteria and gather dust.


3. Make Sure Everything Has a Place


Try to give everything a place and keep it there every day. This way, your things will never get meaninglessly thrown onto the desk, causing clutter and stress. Get rid of any mugs, cutlery, bowls and plates quickly to avoid a build up. At the end of every day, put things away ready for tomorrow.


4. Empty the Bins


A bin that’s spilling over can look messy and can even make your whole office stink. Empty the bins daily as part of your tidying up routine. You can even go as far to leave a fresh bin bag in the bottom of the bin, so when you take one out there’s a new one there ready for use!


5. Brighten It Up


Why not get a plant and decorate your desk with pictures of your family and friends? This will brighten the place up and make work more bearable. Colourful posters and desk accessories, like a pencil pot, will also help to make the space more appealing while keeping it tidy.


6. Hire a Professional


As well as making sure you stay on top of the above steps, you can hire a professional company to give your office a clean a couple of times per week, like Total Concept Cleaning. You know that a professional will do a thorough job and the place will feel brand new, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day at work.


There you have it – a 6 step guide to keeping your office clean and tidy. Make sure you don’t fall behind with the cleaning, as staying on top of it will mean you have less to do in the long run. You often find that you work much more productively when everything is in its place! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of clutter, in fact, Albert Einstein was known to have a messy desk. However, bacteria and dust are a big no-no and should be taken care of. Thanks for reading!

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