9 Perks You Should Give Your Employees

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Your employees are the beating heart of your business. They are the ones doing all the groundwork. They are out there representing you in meetings. They are brainstorming ideas and taking you forward. It pays to treat them well. When your workers are motivated and passionate, they work harder for you and the company. Each one of your employees should love coming to work every morning and stay late because they want to.


When you value your employees, they notice. The best thing you can do is make them feel part of the company, part of the project. Most people come to work wanting to do something good and push their career forward. Let them do this by exploring the limits of their ambition. Give them the freedom to pursue their talents. Just make sure they are loyal to you at the same time!


There are plenty of ways you can keep your employees happy and hardworking. A lot of this revolves around simple perks. They are little extras that make the working day slightly easier. The 9-5 grind can be tough, even on the most motivated employees. If you can brighten their day, they’ll repay you with loyalty and perseverance. Without further ado, here are the 9 perks you can offer your workforce.


Gym memberships


It is a proven fact that exercise is a vital part of your working life. It helps you burn off the stress of the day. Sometimes a good run is all it takes to clear your mind and solve a business problem. If nothing else, pounding away on the bike can just help let off steam after a stressful meeting. Exercise also releases feel-good endorphins into the brain and relaxes your workers. It helps them set goals and keep them motivated. Include a gym membership in the Christmas bonus. Remember, everyone wants to get fit in January and your workers will thank you.


Work from home days


Your employees will love that one day a week where they can work from their sofa. With modern technology in such an advanced place, there is no harm in remote working. So long as you can still enforce goals and targets, most office work can be done at home. It will also give them the space and quiet to finish a big project or come up with a new idea. Stay in touch with instant messaging and email and there’s no problem at all. In fact, it will help you lower your energy bills too by cutting reliance on electricity.


Make them part of the company vision


This is the single most important thing on this list. Make sure each of your employees understands the vision of the company. Give them space to excel and be a part of the growth. They’ll feel much more important when they are working to achieve something with you. Rather than working for you, they are working with you. There’s a big difference here. You will boost their motivation. You can also offer your employees shares in the company.


Company cars


One of the biggest stresses of the modern world is paying for our cars. The insurance payments, the taxes, the maintenance and fuel causes a lot of headache. If you can take that away and provide a company car, you will find yourself with a loyal employee. Take a look at www.leasingoptions.uk and see what’s out there in the world of business cars. There may be a good deal to be had.


Massage and Yoga instructor


There is nothing more powerful than a relaxed workforce. Think about how stressful your week has been so far. Then think about how great it would be to get a massage and relieve all of the worries. Once a week, you could invite a massage therapist in and treat your employees to half an hour of relaxation. The same feeling can be achieved by a mid-week yoga session in the office. The calming power of yoga and massages will reinvigorate your employees during the week.




The early mornings are always the hardest. If you can soften those cold, bleary eyed mornings with a free breakfast, your workers will stay happy. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. Providing good coffee and a bagel or pastries every morning is a great way to wake them up. It also works to your benefit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your immune system and gets your body working. Without it, your employees will be sluggish in the morning. Those first few hours are typically the most productive of the day. A good breakfast can make that happen even faster.


Death in service payment


This is quite a morbid perk, but it really will inspire loyalty and long serving employees. A death in service payment is a sum paid to the family in the result of a death. This could involve a continued salary payment for a set number of years. In other cases it could just be a lump sum. Your workers will never forget this act of kindness and appreciate the stability it provides for their family.




This is a perk that most companies offer, particularly in the world of retail. However, it bears repeating. There’s nothing people love more than a good discount or bargain. If a discount on your particular product or service isn’t applicable, try striking up a deal with a client. You can also pass on computer discounts to your workers. Usually when you bulk buy computers for an office, you’ll get a discount offer. Instead of taking it for yourself, let your employees use them to buy good home computers.


Fun and games


Finally, let your employees bond over games and fun activities. You could schedule movie nights or free trips out. Even a simple ping pong table or table football will get your employees together. When your workers are friends and comfortable around each other, they’ll work better. They’ll bounce ideas around and won’t be afraid to make suggestions.


Even if you don’t have a big budget, there is always something you can do for your workers. Put it at the top of your priority list. It really is that important. Without your employees, your business doesn’t function. Keep them healthy, happy and motivated.

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