7 Business Trends That Are Going to Stick Throughout 2018

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Business trends rapidly change and develop alongside technology. Some of them are just like shooting stars – they light up the sky and disappear before you can notice them. The fact that a business trend breaks the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s effective.

However, the business community this year has produced many intelligent ideas. Here are seven of them that will most definitely stick throughout 2018 – chances are that we’ll be seeing them for years to come.

Voice Search Optimization


Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google’s personal assistant are changing the way we browse. The use of voice search is spreading across the globe and it’s not a mystery why – you can use your personal, natural language to browse and thus save time and effort you’d otherwise invest in typing.

The voice technology has even won over people’s hearts. Because of simplicity and convenience, more and more families are turning to this technology and using it as a source of entertainment, for work, and for shopping.


The age of virtual and augmented reality is finally happening. Although VR is still an expensive piece of technology, it is being developed and it will soon take its place in the world of business.

Meanwhile, virtual reality is gaining its popularity, and especially so in the interior design industry. Titan companies like Ikea are using the full potential of VR. Up until now, shoppers were hesitant when it came to purchasing big items like furniture online because they had a problem envisioning it in their home.

However, now they can create a setting that resembles their own and use a drag and drop system to change its conditions, replace objects, and thus find out if an item they like goes well with the rest of their furniture. Most importantly, they have fun doing so.


Customers are the main focus right now, and this situation won’t change this year – or anytime soon, as a matter of fact.

An average customer has a wide choice – regardless of the type of product they need. By simply browsing the web, customers can find a significant number of businesses that all have a similar offer and competitive prices.

For that reason, customer relationship management has never been as important. In order to increase the number of your conversions, it’s mandatory that you focus on more than quality services – you also need to show interest in your customers’ needs.

Live Chats

While we’re on the subject of CRM, it’s necessary to mention the use of live chat.

This piece of software can help your support system and thus cut your costs. In addition, your website visitors will love it. It’s a convenient way for your potential and existing customers to get in touch with you becomes it provides multiple channels of communication.

Nowadays, you can hardly find a website without a live chat, so you should definitely implement this software to your website if you haven’t already.

Live Social Media Activity


The number of videos that are being posted and watched on social media is staggering. Only on Facebook, users go through an amazing one hundred million hours of video on a daily basis.

This is something you should take advantage of. As a business, you should concentrate on live videos – it’s an effective way to get your business closer to your audience, showcase your team, and present yourself as a legit, trustworthy business.

A Friend Discount

Social shopping is finally making its debut in the digital market. Shoppers governed by peer pressure are more likely to make impulse buys.

Therefore, with a simple advertising method that offers special discounts to friends of your customers, you can significantly increase your income.

Process Automation

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as concept

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as concept

All digital efforts seem to be directed towards extracting manual labor from contemporary offices.

Companies such as WorkFusion have developed incredibly smart solutions for process automation; some of them even use artificial intelligence. With AI, process automation becomes a self-learning system that grows and develops along with your business.

With this technology, you can lead your office to a new, creative era. Once you automatize all redundant, dull, repetitive activities, your team can refocus and direct their efforts to enhancing your offer and taking care of your customers.


So, for your business to prosper in today’s market, it is necessary that you conduct voice search optimization, that you pay special attention to your customers and their friends, and showcase your business using video content on social media. In order to get your business even closer to your target audience, you should turn to advanced technologies and use VR and AR. Finally, you need to unburden your team from manual labor by using process automation and direct your workforce to creative tasks.

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