5 Tips on Store Appearance to Keep Your Customers Happy

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Never forget that most people form an impression of your store within seconds, and this impression very rarely changes. Almost invariably, customers form their initial impression of a store based on its cleanliness, organisation and internal and external signage. Store cleanliness and presentation is vital if you want to impress customers and give them a favourable shopping experience. So, how should you improve the appearance of your store and keep customers happy?

1. Your Store Must Be Clean

It is essential that your store is clean. Customers do notice the details and it is highly recommended that you invest in professional cleaning services like AMC Cleaning to ensure that your store is clean, hygienic and impressive.

Too many business owners make the drastic mistake of assuming that employees will take care of cleaning tasks. While some employees may undertake these duties, cleaning typically consumes a small part of their role, and is a task which is given low priority and often delayed until later.

Do not run the risk of customers perceiving your store as dirty, and commit to the provision of a clean workplace for your staff. Invest in professional cleaning services.

2. Get Organised

Let’s be honest, no one likes to shop in a store that is completely disorganised and chaotic. Few shoppers have the time or inclination to try to make sense of such a store and its stock – they want things to be well organised and arranged in a logical way.

Make the effort to provide a well-organised store that your customers can negotiate easily and enjoyably. Clean up the mess, get things organised and position things in a logical manner.

3. Focus On Signage

Don’t underestimate the impact of signage at your store –this applies to both internal and external signage. To maximise the impact of your store’s signage, ensure that it is clear, compelling and modern. Signage that features lighting should always be in good working order so that the name of your store is always clearly visible.

4. Have A Clean And Tidy Exterior

As much as the interior of your store should always be clean, tidy and well-organised, your store’s exterior should similarly be clean and inviting. No rubbish should be left outside your building (in places visible to existing and potential customers) and you should also make sure that footpaths and surrounding areas are free from rubbish.

Be sure to clean all windows; dingy, dirty windows never create a good impression.

If a car park is available to customers of your store, make sure it is also clean, has good clear signage and directions, is well-lit and a safe place to be.

5. Remove Out-Dated Information And Promotional Material

The appearance of your store can definitely be enhanced by removing all outdated information that may be featured in windows, on information boards, walls and hallways. Everything about your business should be fresh and up-to-date, so remove information and material that is no longer current. Biggest offenders are cardboard display stands and store signage so make sure you throw them out or update them.

The appearance of your store makes a huge difference. You need to create an impressive, clean and organised interior and exterior for your store, in order to keep your customers happy and encourage their loyalty to your business.

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