5 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Motivated and Productive

Motivating staff and improving performance can be one of the hardest tasks for managers. Money will only motivate to a point. So what other tips can managers use to keep their employees motivated and productive? Check out these ideas to improve motivation and productivity in your employees.

Healthy Office = Healthy Employees

Without a doubt, having a clean and healthy office can have amazing benefits for employee motivation, productivity and engagement. Who wants to go to work in a dirty, smelly office? You could have a roster for staff to do a bit of vacuuming or clean the kitchen. You could even roll your own sleeves up and get down and dirty. Do you really want to risk staff motivation and waste time on getting them to do office cleaning? Of course not! Engage a professional office cleaner such as AMC Cleaning to do the dirty work for you. A clean, healthy office is a motivation unto itself.

Keep It Fun

Sometimes you’ve got to focus on fun. It could be an employee competition like an office World Cup or Olympics. Team lunches or even a morning tea can be a great circuit breaker when things are getting tense. Demonstrating to your staff that you want them to enjoy work can sometimes be all they need to stay motivated and productive.

Notice Your Employees

One of the best ways a manager can engage their staff is to notice them. Ask them about their family. Notice if they are wearing a new outfit. Comment positively on a haircut. By noticing your staff, you show them that you are personally invested in them. You show that you care about them outside of work and you appreciate them being at work. Noticing a staff member does wonders for motivation and productivity.

Celebrate Successes

So often employees comment that managers are quick to jump on mistakes. Why not be quick to celebrate successes? A great sales week. Finishing a project milestone. Meeting a difficult KPI. Celebrate success with words and actions, show your staff that you notice all their hard work and you appreciate their commitment to the organisation. Noticing them will engage them.

Be Real With Your Employees

Sometimes a candid conversation with your employees in the lunchroom can bring a personal dynamic to the office. Perhaps you can share a story about your weekend, an interest or hobby of yours – something of an appropriate personal nature that shows your staff that you are emotionally invested in them. By being real, you develop emotional capital with your employees – you become not just a manager, but a peer who cares. This develops positive relationships with your staff – you’re more likely to work hard for someone you like, compared to someone you don’t.

Have you found these tips helpful? As a manager, what methods do you use to increase motivation in your employees? Maybe you’ve got a tip on what not to do! Share your ideas in the comments, below.

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