5 Things to Look For When Hiring New Employees

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Finding the right candidate for a vacant position can be difficult. Sometimes you will end up with a short list of people who “on paper” all have similar qualifications and experiences. An interview is one way to find the right person for the job, but below are some tips and pointers to keep in mind when deciding who to hire for your next vacancy.

1. Do They Have Basic Aptitudes?

Why not put their skills and knowledge to the test? There are a number of learning and assessment resources that can help you make sure the people you’re considering can perform basic job tasks and have some familiarity with the industry and associated legislation. Visit online learning and assessment companies such as etrainu for more information about how a branded, customisable online system can help you assess candidates.

2. Are They A Good Cultural Fit?

People can learn how to do tasks and perform their role. What often can’t be taught is how to work as part of your team. While it’s important to make sure they have some of the prerequisites for the job, make sure you ask some questions in the interview that can give you an idea of their personality and how they will fit in with your organisation’s values and their peers.

3. Are They Recommended?

Reference checks are vital when screening potential candidates. Make sure you ask the right questions and don’t just go through the motions. Contact the referees and ask if now is a good time to talk, and if it isn’t, schedule a later time so that you can both give the conversation the time it deserves. Don’t just ask if they would recommend the person, try to ask some questions that give you insight into the employee’s previous performance and achievements.

4. What Is Their Motivation?

Everyone wants to have a job to make money, but some people are only looking at positions as a short term stepping stone to something else. If you get the impression that the most qualified and experienced candidate may not have the intention to stay with you for the medium to long term, it may be better to consider someone else. Having to repeat the recruitment process can cost businesses big in terms of both time and money.

5. Can Someone Already In The Business Do This Role?

Having a succession plan within your company makes sense. It helps to fulfil your current staff’s career aspirations – this can help keep them motivated and loyal. By hiring internally, you’re also getting a candidate who can literally hit the ground running and already knows the business intimately. Where possible, always invite internal applications for advertised positions and seriously consider their application.

People really are your greatest asset, so getting that right mix of attitude and aptitude is essential. When filling positions, make sure that the person can not only do the job, but also become a valued member of the team.

What advice would you give to recruiters to ensure they’re choosing the right candidate for the role?

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