5 Things to Look For In a Future Employee

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People are the backbone – and heart – of every business. Having the right mix of skills, personalities and overall workplace interpersonal culture is crucial for maintaining a high performing, motivated workforce. Below are a list of questions to ask that can help you get that mix right when hiring your next team member.

1. Does The Right Person Just Need A Little Training?

When it comes to making the right hiring decision, you will often have the greatest success when you choose the candidate who is the best cultural fit for the organisation. Sometimes this means choosing the less experienced or qualified candidate if their attitude and personality will work better with your organisation’s values and work style. There are a number of Diploma courses that can be done to help bring their skills up to the level you’re looking for. You can visit a site such as www.evocca.edu.au for information about self-paced, flexible delivery courses that your employees can do to fill any skills gaps and develop their full potential.

2. Are They Flexible?

Every hiring decision you make can have an impact on how future ready your workforce is. Employee flexibility isn’t just about their ability to work back late on occasion or do the odd Saturday shift. Have a think about how adaptable they would be when there is some kind of strategic or organisational change in the future.

3. Can They Really Do What They Say They Can?

When it comes to doing reference checks, set some time aside to really think about the questions you can ask that will give you the information you need to make your hiring decision. Remember to ask open ended questions where the referee has to formulate a detailed answer instead of the closed questions that generally only elicit a yes/no response.

4. Can Your Clients Relate To Them?

Think about your brand values and mission statement. Can that person reflect those ideals when representing the company to internal or external stakeholders? Do they seem well presented and confident? Do they speak in a tone and language that will resonate with your target audience?

5. Are They A Problem Solver?

No matter how robust your systems and processes are, nearly every employee will come across a situation which will require them to use their own judgement to problem solve. You need a workforce who respect their delegation and authority levels while being able to resolve a matter that “isn’t in the manual”. Do you feel confident in each candidates’ ability to do this if there is no manager or supervisor around at the time?

Often no matter how good someone is at their job, it’s their ability to work with their colleagues that ultimately determines their success at an organisation. Asking the right questions of your candidates and their referees is crucial to help you understand who the best fit for the role will be.

What’s your best advice for placing the right person in the right role?

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