5 Steps to Increasing Traffic to Your Business Blog

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Your business website’s blog is an important tool in your quest for better practice, loyal customers and increased sales. However, many companies across all sectors fail to unlock the power of content and those that do simply don’t know how to get their target customers to the blog to read their content contributions.

Here we reveal the five steps every business should take to increase traffic to their on-site blog…

Focus on quality, not quantity

Whilst not all of us are seasoned copywriters, getting back to basics on your blog with some great quality content is an essential step in gaining organic traffic and visitors that return time and time again. Play on your strengths as an industry expert to propel your content and its quality forward, and update your blog frequently with content that is suitable and useful to your core demographic. As well as excellent and readable body text, craft a punchy headline and use images to grab and keep each reader’s attention.

Encourage commenting

Your blog can be an integral tool in boosting the community feel of your website. Regardless of who you are targeting, whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company, choose topics that answer those all-important questions in your industry. Open up each blog post to comments and respond to encourage conversation.

Not only will this two-way conversation show your visitors that you value exactly what they are saying thus increasing customer loyalty, it will also drive traffic to your site with link backs and reader engagement.

Share the love

You can also comment of other industry specific blogs, offering valuable advice or opinion on their subject matter, this will make you visible to audiences interested in your industry and drive traffic back to base!

Email marketing campaigns and extras

Email marketing can be an excellent way to promote your blog and its content to existing customers and a wider network. Broadcast your latest blogs to get them the traffic they deserve. Also, encourage each and every one of your employees to add the link to your latest blog to their email signatures as this can be a valuable and simple way to find fans.

Syndication is king!

Syndicating your blogs to popular news networks and social channels is perhaps the most popular way of driving traffic to your blog.

Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have become the middle man between companies and real customers, and promoting your blogs and other industry musings is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers and clients.

This post was written by Brittany Thorley from Think Big Comms, the Cambridgeshire-based PR firm with a difference. Think Big Comms specialises in Polish public relations and ethnic marketing.

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