5 simple steps on how to create the perfect business card

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An impressive business card can make a significant difference between how successful a company is. When a business card paints a company in a very positive light, it won’t be thrown away. When creating business cards, here are a couple of tips to take into consideration:


Choose a basic design or not?  

Business cards can have a basic design or several photos. It can also have multiple colours. A freelance professional, such as a writer, might prefer to have their name, contact details and a website address on their business card. A complex design can be chosen by other creative professionals or a large organisation. By considering what impression a business card ought to give, the right design will be picked.

When a design is chosen that contains an image, consider copyright. If an image is used which a company doesn’t own full copyright to, business cards might have to be destroyed as copyright is suspected to have been infringed. It is highly recommended that only images which a company owns are used.

Consider the information that will be on a business card

When important information is missing from a business card, such as contact details, added expense accrues because they have to be printed again. If a batch of business cards is required very quickly, think about the information which will be on it. As a result, no time is wasted on redesigning a business card.

Paper quality

When a business card is dropped into a puddle or a damp pavement, it might have to be thrown away. If a business card is printed onto low quality card, it will be easy to tear. A business card must be printed onto strong card so that it isn’t easily damaged.

Use both sides of a business card

Many companies make the mistake of only using one side of a business card. In fact, both sides can have information and/or photographs. If a lot of information will be on a business card, it won’t be restricted to one side.

Use a high quality printer

When a low quality printer is used for creating business cards, it can cause smudges. There are many printers which guarantee no smudges. If a company doesn’t own a high quality printer, it should ask a printing company to do so. As a print company has high quality printers, the business cards which they create will look impressive and its colours will be sharp. Therefore, when a business card is given to a potential customer, they will be enthralled because it won’t look amateurish at all and incredibly impressive instead.
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