5 Reasons It’s Worth Investing in a Professional Website  

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It’s time to face reality. We live in a drastically different world than our parents or even we grew up in. Think about it. If you fell asleep in 1983 and woke up today, you would be in awe of how far technology has taken us. We have tiny mobile devices that enable us to do things from speaking, buying, browsing, listening to music, taking pictures, to learning. We communicate and connect with people in a very different manner than we did 50, 20 or even 10 years ago.

By the same token, the age of the internet has completely changed consumer and customer patterns, affecting the business of millions of enterprises. However, no one said that change is a bad thing. The internet has enabled businesses to connect in a very different way with their customers, showing a more personal side, being more responsive to their concerns, as well as reaching a world-wide audience.  

The first thing that businesses need to launch the digital aspect of their business is a website.

Drag and drop options like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly have given individuals and small businesses the means to create a rudimentary website. Those of us with great computer and graphics skills might even be able to conjure something amazing out of the options that these services provide. The rest of us end up with sub-par, partially functional sites that may or may not scare our customers away. Because we do have the ability somewhat to create our own websites, business owners might be tempted to forego the extra expense of hiring a professional web development services provider offering custom design. 

There are a ton of reasons that business owners should avoid falling into the “DIY” trap when it comes to website development. However, here are 5 important points that outline why it’s worth investing into a good website for your business.


1. Reputation

Your website is virtually today’s version of the business card. Though the paper business card has not been completely replaced, the importance of having a great “first impression” is definitely here to stay. More and more often, the website is the first connection of your potential client with your business and you want the fact that you are seriously invested into your business to shine through. Most prospering businesses you know have killer websites that reflect the time and resources that went into setting it up just right.


2. Your Business Looks Legitimate

If you are going to be providing your credit card number or even your attention to a business, it has to look legitimate. If your business webpage looks like an 8th grader did it for his business tech class, you’re doing yourself a disservice. People will not make the trip out to your physical location or feel safe making online purchases if you have any “sketchy” components to your website, including pixelated pictures, unaligned call to action buttons or more.


3. It has more functionality

Professional web developers know how to make the most of your website technically. They increase your sales by making it easier to shop on your page, add helpful maps, apps, and more. If you have a subscription service, they can find a way to set up a password protected client or members only page. When you create lead magnets, they can set up visually appealing and functional landing pages that can lead to more sales.


4. Brand Awareness

A website is a great way to show your unique branding and personality. From the color palette to the images to the wording, a business owner has a chance to put their mission and vision statements out in the open; to answer potential customers’ “why” , “how”, and “what”s related to the company.


5. Customer Connection

Because it is so much more interactive than a pamphlet or a business card, a website has a chance to create an emotional connection with its viewer. This is the business owner’s chance to create a tribe of followers and devotees who will aspire to become customers or repeat customers in the future.

Investing in a professional website might seem like an expensive luxury at first, but every small business owner has to treat it exactly as that: an investment. An aesthetically pleasing, functional website with great design is worth a pretty penny but it’s worth every cent. Those who don’t believe this might find their businesses suffering because they are missing out on all the great benefits that a stellar business website provides.


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