5 Key tips on establishing the most attractive environment for shoppers

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Customers are the one key ingredient for every store. There are many challenges to attracting new clientele into your store, and while getting them to walk through the door is important, there should be a major focus on creating a loyal customer base.

Part of doing this stems down to creating an attractive and inviting environment for your customers, and ensuring they feel welcome in your space. In order to do so, it’s important that you evaluate your business layout and ask yourself: Is this shop an attractive place for my customers? If you think your store could use a bit of an overhaul, read these top tips for creating an attractive and happy environment for your customers.


Ask any person what major supermarket chain they prefer to shop with, and their reasoning will usually be based on shop layout and ease of navigation. Customers like simplicity when they shop; they want to be able to find what they want without any hassles. Making your store layout clean and uncluttered will make it infinitely more attractive to any customer. It may mean the case of carrying out renovations to change the store design. If so, there are many specialty renovators like TU Projects who are skilled at creating exciting commercial businesses.


Whether you are setting the mood, tone or simply making it easier to see, your lighting in store is crucial and should never be underestimated. Department stores often have bright sharp lighting, filling every space and inviting their customers to see just how huge and expansive their store is. Smaller more intimate boutiques may use lower lighting; spot lighting key areas and drawing the eye of the customer towards great sales and leads. Use your lighting to set your tone and create an individual experience for your customers.


It’s said that first impressions of people and places are made in just seven seconds. That is a very small window before they will have made their decision about whether to go in further or leave. When playing around with designs, think about what it is that will get them to walk inside. Also think about what your competitors are doing and see if you can capitalise on their success. Supermarkets will advertise their daily specials, while clothing stores will have their bargains or cheaper wracks on display.
Use every opportunity wisely to catch their attention and lure them in.


Music is a part of every store you enter and is a crucial ingredient to building the character of your store. Ensure you find a sound that is going to suit your clientele and their tastes. Think about whether you plan to hold the attention of one particular audience or create a sound that is gentle enough to please and retain all audiences. There’s a reason the music heard in a discount clothing outlet is vastly different from the sounds echoing throughout the high-end department stores.


The most underestimated of the senses but also one of the most important, what does your store smell like? If you were selling cookies, nothing would make your store more attractive than the smell of freshly baking cookies wafting through the room. While department stores have hints of perfume, cologne, and gentle air fresheners. So what can you do to give your store an edge?

Like a great first date, don’t underestimate the powers of attraction. Make sure your store is as attractive to your customers as possible, draw them in, and keep them coming back for more.

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