5 Health Benefits Of Working From Home

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Sometimes working from home can be much better for you than the stresses of working in an office environment. If you have weighed up all of the options and are considering leaving your office job and working as a freelancer or self-employed, here are some top health benefits.

1. Reducing stress is one of the main reasons that most people decide to build themselves a career working from home. If your job is seriously affecting your health, it isn’t always practical to leave. However, some employers may allow you to work remotely if you can prove that you are under severe stress.

If your doctor agrees and provides significant documentation, your employers may be flexible enough to allow you to work from home and still remain part of the company. An employee assistance programme (EAP) can help to reduce work stress. You can also find many helpful office based programs and apps that will help you to create a virtual office from home. Don’t worry. This isn’t as daunting as it may initially seem.

2. Working from home will give you more freedom over your life.  You will be able to better manage your health, fitness and diet.

It can be hard to find healthy lunches and meal plans when working in an office environment, but this isn’t a problem if you work from home.

You can cook meals in your own kitchen and have access to healthier ingredients and products that will improve your health and diet plans.

3. Illness and disabilities such as Fibromyalgia or M.E cause many people to have problems working in a busy office environment. By working from home, you can better manage your condition and find ways to have a successful career without hurting yourself.

This also helps when it comes to attending doctor’s appointments and consultant visits. You are your own boss, so it is up to you when you take time off and how much you allow. Just be sure to give yourself a good schedule plan to reduce the chance of falling behind on projects.

4. Working from home means that you can take breaks and get fresh air whenever you need to. If you have a garden, you could take your work outside and do your business in a bright and breezy environment.

You could even create yourself a shed office and maximise your outdoor time! This is a great space saving option for those with small homes.

5. Working from home can be helpful for your children’s health as well as your own. They will have you around to take care of them on days when they have to miss school due to sickness, and you’ll be there to greet them when they finish.

You can also work your children’s meal times around your own job and ensure that they are eating and studying better. This works well for single parent families who may need to fill a lot of family roles on their own.

Spending time with your children will also mean that you feel happier and more fulfilled in your day-to-day life, which is a good thing in our opinion.

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