5 Considerations When Hiring a Law Firm To Represent Your Business

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There are a number of reasons that you’d want to have legal representation of your businesses. Some common areas where you want to make sure that your bases are covered would be with regard to patents, copyright, insurance, and tax laws. And honestly, business owners themselves aren’t always clear and the more detailed laws in those areas.

So, when it comes time to hire a law firm to represent you, what kind of things do you look for? There are questions of high vs. low profile firms, what their ratings are online, the degree of specialty that they have, what kind of money you have to spend, and the length of time that you plan on being a client of theirs.

High Vs. Low Profile

Certain lawyers and law firms tend to work with high profile clients. There are both positives and negatives of this approach. Depending on if your business is high or low profile itself, there could be a mismatch on the intensity and pressure of the firm regarding money flow, or the types of law practices that are associated with your lawyer in particular. If attention is what you want for your business or your case, then high profile gets you that, but if you want more logic and reason, go with the more subtle firm.

Ratings Online

You can look at law firm ratings online. There are industry standards, and then there are client reviews. You’ll be looking for the language style of these reviews, and finding out which ones tend to match with the general presentation of your company or brand. You also have to look out for fake reviews, but those are easy to spot with a little practice.

Degree of Specialty

If you have a tech-based business, you’re going to want a law firm representing you that has a specialty in technology cases. It really is that simple. Even if you find a lawyer that you like, that isn’t very expensive, it won’t do you any good to have someone who’s a slip and fall attorney trying to help you with a patent case.

The Budget Factor

Have you ever looked into how much legal representation costs in different types of cases? The numbers may surprise you, both on the upper and lower ends of the spectrum. Some law firms only charge you if they win the case, others have astronomical fees to even get started.

Length of Engagement

There are positives and negatives about staying with different firms and styles of representation for different lengths of time as well. Talk to your potential lawyers about the opinions regarding sticking with them for the long haul, or simply hiring them for flash sessions of necessary legal work.

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