4 top fields for operations management

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You know that you’re interested in a career in operations management, but where should you work? You have nearly limitless opportunities, but some fields offer more potential than others. If you’re looking for fresh possibilities, consider working in the hospitality, retail, or health care industries.

Hotel Operations Manager

Hotels need operations managers to hire and train staff, manage housekeeping and food service workers, create schedules, and oversee customer service initiatives, among many other duties. Advancement opportunities abound in this career industry, especially if you work for one of the larger chains. For example, after proving yourself as an operations manager, you could get promoted to headquarters management or a similar position.

You’ll love this career industry if you like to move around. Big hotel chains might find openings for you across the country, so you don’t have to stay in one place forever. If you work well with people and have excellent customer service skills, you can thrive in this position while you gain experience for future promotions.

Restaurant Operations Manager

The hospitality industry also includes restaurants, which always need operations managers to run the floor, oversee inventory, field customer complaints, and manage all aspects of the facility. You can choose a privately owned restaurant or get a job with one of the larger chains.

You’ll need prior restaurant experience to thrive in this job. You must know how to do the jobs of multiple people on your staff, so if you’ve worked as a bartender, server, host or hostess, or cook, you’ll have excellent qualifications. Additionally, a four-year degree in business administration or a related field can help you rise to the top of the management food chain.

Retail Operations Manager

Operations managers often choose to work in retail because of the attractive advancement opportunities. You can work your way up to overseeing an entire district of stores if you want more responsibility, but you can earn an excellent wage as an operations manager while you wait for a promotion.

In retail settings, you need excellent customer service skills. You’ll likely deal with any customer complaints and praises, and you might have to work the floor if a sales associate doesn’t show up on time or if you’re short on staff and busy. Choose from many retail environments, from high-end boutiques to large-scale chains.

Health Care Operations Management

Many professionals want their work to impact people in a positive way. As an operations manager in a health care environment, you’ll constantly analyze existing operations so that you can find improvements. Expect to interact with other health care professionals as well as patients.

You’ll also play a significant role in sourcing new equipment, software, and supplies. Work in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, or other facility to improve medical services and improve the patient experience.

Operations managers can pursue varied careers, so don’t hesitate to explore your options. Whether you feel more at home behind the reception desk at a hotel, in a restaurant’s kitchen, behind the cash register in a retail store, or in a clinical setting, you can use your operations management skills effectively.

This article was originally published on CareerBuilder on 10/28/16.

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