4 Social Media Sites Advertisers Should Pay Attention to

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Facebook and Twitter currently rule the world of social media, but kingdoms shift quickly on the Internet. Advertisers should pay attention to these four sites so that they can keep up with trends.


A lot of people cheered for Ello when it first appeared in August 2014. Within a month, 30,000 new members were reportedly joining the site per hour. If true, those numbers represent a growing percentage of Internet users who have grown tired of advertisements.

That’s exactly why advertisers should pay more attention to Ello. The site doesn’t use advertisements to make money. It doesn’t even track its user demographics. That’s why people like it.

The lesson isn’t that all Internet users hate online advertising. The lesson is that advertisers need to respect their audiences. The right kind of ad can educate and entertain. If companies do that more often, they’ll get better results without angering potential customers.


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Pheed is a free application that anyone can use to view shared content, including videos, pictures, and audio. Pheed, however, lets users charge money for people to view content. Even though rates fall between $1.99 and $34.99, the site has become popular among teens.

To some advertisers, this sounds like a nightmare. Who wants to pay to view marketing content from a company?

That is the whole point. Pheed has a radical philosophy that encourages users to charge for engaging content. By putting a price tag on content, Pheed hopes to improve what users see and hear.

Advertisers shouldn’t run in fear. This is a great opportunity for them to jump into a more effective form of marketing that treats customers like fans. Companies that want to succeed on Pheed have to produce valuable content that people want to pay for. That could include mini-series, short movies, or songs that do much more than the standard advertisement.


Social media is rapidly changing the way that people communicate and use the Internet. At times it can seem so complicated that even someone with a Master of Taxation couldn’t keep up with the changes.

Sharebloc helps companies learn from each other so that they can master the art of advertising to people who have grown fickle about advertising. It’s a B2B site that lets companies connect and learn so that they can keep up with changing trends.

You won’t generate a lot of leads on Sharebloc, but you could learn techniques that make your ads more successful.


Learni.st was created for small businesses that need to build connections online. That focus remains prevalent today.

With Learni.st, though, you get to make a page and attract followers. It’s similar to Pinterest in that way.

While companies probably won’t see improved sales by advertising on Learni.st, they can add original, quality content to their pages to develop prominence in their industries. If you want other people working in your industry to see you as an authority, Learni.st can give you a platform to make that possible.

What other social media sites do you think that advertisers should pay attention to? Do you think that they’ll lose contact with audiences if they don’t follow these trends?


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