4 Essential Features for Every Small Business Website

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Running a small business is not always easy. You must compete with major corporations and internet companies to win the business of your clientele. Without the resources that these others have, you might feel like you are at a disadvantage. While the migration to web-based business has indeed been characterized as a challenge for small businesses, it is also an opportunity. There are many ways to capitalize on your web presence and attract customers who want to patronize small businesses. You can accomplish this by designing your website effectively with the essential features a small business site needs.

What are these features, and why are they so important? There are a few guidelines that every small business owner should keep in mind when developing their company’s web presence. You want to maximize your impact and reach the widest possible audience, and integrating the following elements will help you do exactly that.

Appealing Design

One of the first considerations you should invest in is the design of your website. Your first impulse might be to focus primarily on content, but the presentation of your company is just as important on the web. You need to take the time to develop an appealing design that accurately represents your company, and it needs to be visually attractive, too. If this is outside of your wheelhouse, there are many professionals who specialize in designing small business websites. Partnering with a professional can help you achieve the exact look and function you have in mind.

Sales Pitch

Once you have drawn customers in with a great design, you need to sell them on the virtues of your company. Needless to say, this is one of the most imperatives parts of your site, so it is important that you get it right. Highlight the services that you offer, the products you sell and the reasons why you are the best option for customers. It is important to strike the right tone when you are describing your company on the web. You do not want to be too pushy. Invite customers to contact you for more information.

Contact Information

Indeed, reminding potential customers to take the next step is an important part of the process when it comes to reeling in customers online. You need to provide visitors to your website with as many options as possible for reaching out and potentially closing a sale. Many people who find your business on the web will want to contact you via the web, too. You should offer an email address to reach out directly from your website. Other clientele will prefer to pick up the phone or visit, so you should also include your phone number and address.

Shopping Cart

Perhaps the most important feature that small business websites should have is a shopping cart. By integrating a shopping cart into your website, you give visitors the ability to become customers without any further action on your part. Without a shopping cart, clientele must reach out to you in order to make a sale, but this feature allows you to generate revenue simply by maintaining your website. This is an important asset for any small business. Even if you are not a retail business, you can create a store with listings for the products and services you offer.

These are just a few of the features that you should integrate into your small business’ website. Whether you sell specialty dog treats or offer commercial cleaning services, you can boost your revenue and reach a bigger share of the market by utilizing these strategies. Make the most of your web presence and make a great impression on your potential customers.


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