3 Ways to Use Cellphones to Enhance Your Business Today

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Mobile device use has increased astronomically within the last decade or so. It wasn’t long ago that the world existed without internet. It’s weird to look back and imagine life without tablets, smartphones, laptop computers, smart TV’s and the like. Technology enhances lives in so many ways. Like anything else, too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing, but that’s up to the individual to gage.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s up to you to use technology to your advantage as a business. In 2016, smartphone usage was predicted to reach 2.08 billion users. In 2019, the number is expected to surpass 5 billion. With that much of the world using smartphones, it makes no sense to leave them out of your marketing scheme or business plan. Here are 3 ways to use cellphones to enhance your business today:

SMS Engagement

If you think that texting, otherwise known as SMS messaging is of no value to you as a business and is only used from individual to individual, you’re wrong. Texting is the way people choose to communicate in today’s society. It’s fast, it’s direct, people are more likely to respond to text messages than pick up a phone call, and it’s overall the most effective way to get a message to somebody.

If you’re not sure exactly what you can do to use SMS messaging to your advantage as a business, check this out. You can get out alerts fast, you can send information about sales or promotions fast, and you basically cut out a lot of the middle work, so look into it today.

Mobile Check-ins

Today’s society is obsessed with letting everybody know where they are and that they’re doing at all times. People do mobile checkins without thinking anything about it. If you encourage people to check into your business, they’ll do it and your reach improves drastically with every check-in because friends of those people’s friends of those people’s friends are seeing that this person is at your establishment. Offer up a drawing that every time somebody checks in, they get an entry to win a prize. It’s low commitment and the customer has nothing to lose.

Live Video Feeds

Ways to live video feed are popping up all over the place. Not only did it all start with Skype and Facetime, but now there is Periscope and Facebook Live. People like feeling like they’re involved in something. If you make live video feeds a part of your business presentation, you’ll be amazed at how much attention you get. The more you put yourself and your business out there, the more successful you’ll be. Cellphones are such asset, so don’t miss out on doing these things.

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