3 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Productivity at Work

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Meditation is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself. Most of us think of meditation as a practice to become more spiritual, but that can distance us from the experience, making it seem like something only for monks or “enlightened” people.


The fact is meditation is a life skill with a huge range of benefits.  Think about how much time and money we are prepared to spend on beauty products and gym memberships or fancy exercise gear, why would we neglect the well being of our minds? Pretty much our entire life existence is experienced through our minds, so it makes sense to take just a few quiet moments out of each day to train and care for it. Kenshō way is one startup looking to bridge this divide and explores ways in which meditation and yoga can become an integral part of modern lives.


There are a number of ways why these practices are becoming more widespread. You may have heard that meditation has proven to ease stress levels, aid relaxation and sleep quality as well has enhancing a greater sense of well-being. But did you know that it could also improve your productivity and flow at work?


If you’ve tried to include meditation in your daily ritual but have found it all too easy to find reasons to skip it, this might be the impetus you need to get back on the meditation train.


Increases Focus


Think about it, the reason why people become unproductive at work is usually because they have too many things to do and too much going on and are lacking the focus to accomplish and prioritise. Productivity is about getting things done in an effective manner. This is where meditation comes in. When you meditate, you practice concentrating your mind and do away with all the background chatter. You effectively teach your mind to practice focusing on just one thing, and this repeated practice will rewire your brain to naturally concentrate with more ease throughout the day.


Increases Energy


Taking a few minutes out of every day to meditate is literally like giving yourself a spiritual energy drink. The relaxation and boost of calm that meditation brings is an antidote to the stress and worries of the office. Even just a few minutes in the morning or even grabbing a meditation break during your office day, can ground you into the present moment and give you a renewed sense of enthusiasm that another shot of caffeine can’t quite achieve.


MouthguardAwareness.info who spend their time raising awareness in dental care also know the importance of mental health as well. A major redesign of their new offices led to the incorporation of ‘quiet zones’ which can be used for meditation as well as just to ensure employees are taking ample screen breaks.


Improves Communication Abilities


We all know that effective communication with co-workers and clients is the key to a successful work environment. It’s very normal to become stressed out and frazzled throughout the day with deadlines, unanticipated workloads or feeling anxiety before a meeting or presentation.


When you meditate you increase your sense of calm and centre your thoughts. You are effectively clearing your brain of clutter and tapping into the inner you that is poised, connected and clear minded. These things are crucial for maintaining good communication and building relationships. Try a short meditation the next time you feel nervous before a big phone call or meeting and observe how much more capable you feel once you slow things down and check in with your inner self first.


Having Fun and Being Mindful Inside and Outside of Work


Golf and business have gone hand in hand for a long time and startups are now encouraging employees to take up the sport and others similar in order to disconnect from work and get outside. The Bro Zone have continued to push the growth of golf in the corporate world and It is likely this success will only continue as the benefits of sports such as golf reach a wider audience.


Golf, as do many sports require players to be completely present, improving focus and quieting the mind. Top athletes often talk of the flow that goes hand in hand with important moments in their career and if this mindfulness can be tapped in to there is no reason why sports won’t play a larger role both in the corporate and spiritual world.




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