3 InstantWays to Keep Your Business Secure

As a business owner, you understand how important it is to keep your premises secure.

In order to keep undesirables at bay, this means employing various security measures that offer ainvaluable defence against intrusions that can eat into your profits.

Whether it’s a fencing system, hiring a security guard or installing CCTV, it’s vital your business is safeguarded in the fight against interlopers ransacking your premises.

Need some help?

Check out our list below for some instant security wins for your firm, helping to keep your stock, cash and electronics safe from trespassers and burglars with nefarious intentions.

Sort Out Your Fencing

If your premises are left exposed because of a lack of fencing, it’s basically an invitation for unauthorised visitors to wreak havoc on your property. Consequently, it’s vital you invest in security fencing – one replete with an intruder detection system – to guard your firm’s interests.

You can choose from chain link fencing, steel railings or even old fashioned barbed wire in an effort to keep reprobates from plundering your goods or vandalising your property. Importantly, if you require something more shocking, an electric fence can be used to send out a stronger message.

Hire a Security Guard

If you have goods stored on your premises that a security fence alone can’t protect, it’s perhaps worthwhile employing a security guardfor round-the-clock surveillance. But before your rush off to place an ad, make sure you hire an accredited professional.

After all, the last thing you need is a security guard who turns out to be as useful as a Scooby Doo villain, allowing criminals to nip past and load up their truck while he snoozes peacefully under a copy of the Daily Rag.

Install an Alarm System

Gone are the days when a business premises contained little more than a few desks, a wastepaper basket and, if you were lucky, a typewriter. Today, the contemporary organisation is armed with computers, smartphones and tablets, which is why an alarm system is an absolute must.

Why? Because it alerts you if there’s been a breach on the premises and, while fences and security staff are good up to a point, if thesedeterrents are somehow circumvented, an alarm system will let you know if a sneaky trespasser has penetrated your premises.

Admittedly, there’s much more to protecting your premises than the tips above, but by implementing them first, your firm can enjoy some instant security wins.

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