3 important benefits of fleet management software

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If you own or work at a small or growing business that uses a fleet of vehicles, fleet management software could be hugely advantageous to your company. Whether you are in construction, or overseeing short or long haul deliveries, here are three important benefits of using fleet management software at your firm.


  1. Fleet management slashes costs and improve efficiency


Fleet management software helps control a range of elements, such as fuel efficiency which directly correlates with profits. As industry authority Movolytics states, fleet management software can “slash your fuel costs by up to 30%.”


Fleet management software aids efficiency in many ways, but initially in two overview ways.


Firstly by finding and plotting the most direct, fuel-efficient routes for your drivers, and then ensuring that the drivers stick to those routes. This means your fleet will use up less fuel. As the Energy Saving Trust’s Green Fleet Management guidebook says, using fleet management software to track drivers can help with the the “elimination of unauthorised private vehicle use,” which will ensure your vehicles travel directly to their destinations.


Secondly, it can also help you with “identification of vehicle inefficiencies,” by checking if drivers are speeding, cornering, or engaging in any other fuel-heavy driving practices. A study published in The Guardian found that simply driving more carefully can save one car around £800 per year on petrol. If each of your drivers saved this much each year, your costs will be much lower, which means profits will shoot right up, all without having to take on any extra jobs or even work any harder.


  1. Data will improve driver and vehicle safety


The tracking element of fleet management software doesn’t just come in handy for efficiency; it is also hugely beneficial for safety reasons.


Monitoring the speed and driving habits of your drivers will allow you to make sure they are safe. If drivers are careless or reckless, they may be putting your cargo, or even their lives, at risk. Especially if your fleet includes HGVs.


Recent data from road safety charity Brake shows that one in five fatal crashes on A-roads involve HGVs in some way, and that there are an average of 17 HGV accidents per day in the UK. With statistics like this, it is clear that safety should be a top priority for your business, to reduce losses from damaged goods, and the loss of life.


Brake’s tips for increasing fleet safety include rewarding safer drivers to encourage more careful driving, and configuring fleet management software to automatically disable mobile phones inside the vehicles; as a large proportion of drivers admitted to texting or talking on the phone while driving which is highly dangerous behaviour.


  1. It can help you achieve strategic business growth


With all of these measures in place, along with data to back it up, you can strategically improve your business.


Knowing which drivers are the safest, most efficient and most trustworthy on your workforce will allow you to make informed decisions as to who you should promote to a more senior position, or to whom you should give more work, or even which drivers need to improve.


Tracking efficiency with fleet management software will also allow you to keep on top of your budget, meaning you can adjust invoices for certain more expensive deliveries, and take on deliveries that use more cost-effective routes.


Using fleet management software is the only way to be sure you are fully informed before you make these choices. With reliable, accurate and detailed data on fuel efficiency, safety, and driving behaviour, you can grow your business through with 100% reliable strategic decisions.

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