3 Current International Construction Projects Set to Wow

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been the bystanders of some rather large and ambitious construction projects, whether it’s the instalment of a new railway line or your own house renovations. So what are local onlookers enduring in other parts of the world? Which major global developments have made headlines and will affect those residing or visiting the area? This article will focus on projects that are both grand and progressive in terms of their scale and general interest in the development and growth of that particular part of the world. Here are three current and upcoming international construction projects that are worth knowing about.


Third Bosphorus Bridge

Earlier this year, it was announced that a company within Vinci Construction, known as Freyssinet, and Hyundai Construction have teamed up to both provide and attach the stay cables onto Istanbul’s third Bosphorus Bridge. The third bridge, located north of the two bridges remaining, is to include two train lines and four traffic lanes. This installation aims to be completed by mid-2015 in the hopes that it will result in a smoother traffic flow. Beginning in early 2013, the project has passed 4 billion dollars in cost and, once completed, will be the 8th longest suspension bridge worldwide.


Expected to open within the next few years is an entertainment complex in Dubai titled Dubailand, which is set to have six worlds consisting of a variety of themes parks with multiple rides, game zones, cinemas, live shows, and so on. Investments into the construction of Dubailand have risen to 55 billion dollars since the idea was first established over a decade ago, and it is claiming to be even larger than Disney Land by the time it is completed. This is an exciting venture for locals and tourists alike, and will greatly benefit the international appeal of UAE.

Christchurch Recovery Plan

Following its series of impactful earthquakes from late 2010 to early 2012, Christchurch NZ has invested in a Central Recovery Plan that is expected to construct at least 40,000 houses and essentially rebuild the central city area after the inevitable demolition of many of the buildings that were damaged. The Christchurch community has had a large say in the development of the plan thanks to the Share Your Idea campaign, where people can comment on the process and contribute their own ideas and personal visions for the eventual improved Christchurch. The recovery plan overall has hopeful aspirations for the city and aims not only to revive it but to create new features and enhance the existing ones.

The three projects above barely exceed the surface of just how many progressive and constructive projects are currently being developed, fleshed out or finalised around the globe. However, they do represent the vast range of positive instalments being made in order to improve the surrounding community, whether they are contributing to the community’s lifestyle, productivity or general amusement and escape from daily routine. Construction projects represent societal progress and an interest in constant development, irrespective of whether or not a country is considered fully developed.

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