2 Reasons Your Best Customers Make the Best Employees and Boost Your Market Potential

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As a business, you might have everything figured out. If you’re a genius and your business plan is fool proof, you’ve seen substantial growth within the company for years running, and everything is looking promising for the days to come, you have no reason to think that your enterprise is in need of change. All these things are great and all, but trends tend to switch, and they can often turn with very little warning due to economic events or things as random as natural disasters. In the grand scheme of things, your business is about so much more than you.

If you’re looking to increase your market potential, as any business should, you should always be on the lookout, keeping a watchful eye out for red flags that mean that business might dip. Did you realize that your employees are one of the most important parts of your business? If your firm is sailing smooth, poor employees will drive your ship to the bottom of the sea. In the opposite light, a good employee will improve operations in more than one way. So how do you find the good employees? They might be right under your nose.

Here are 2 reasons your best customers make the best employees and boost your market potential:

They’re Already Passionate About Your Business

You want to aim towards hiring people that are going to stick around. Training people isn’t cheap and if your employee isn’t passionate about the job, they’re basically dead in the water. For example, if you own an art gallery, make sure you hire someone who is passionate about art! If you have loyal customers or people that you see come into your business often, they’re already showing that they’re passionate about your business. The next step in your relationship with them is to hire them onto the team. An employee that is motivated and raves about your business more than you do will boost morale within the company and get things flowing in more regards than just this.

They’re Already Raving About You

A large part of marketing is word of mouth. You need to have people in the doors that are going to talk about your business in a positive way and you need people that are going to get the word out. If your best customer already shops at your enterprise once a week or more and you hire them on, they’re going to be so excited about it that they’re going to tell everybody that they know. It’s a simple concept, but it’s effective in boosting your market potential because you have somebody who is excited and is motivated to make you love them even more than you already do.

There is much that goes into having a successful business, but if you’re intentional about building a team that is passionate about what they’re doing, you’re on the way to the top. Be sure that once you have that customer within your employee lines you’re showing them why they love you so much. It would be a shame to hire your best customer to have them see that you’re not as cool as they thought.

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