11 E-Commerce Tips to Capture Your Customers

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Getting more sales is at the forefront of any E-Commerce website owner. The world of online commerce is constantly changing and attracting new customers can be hard.

The best way to ensure your online store is a successful venture is to capture your customers and grow your email list.

This is known as email acquisition strategy and it should not only help attract new customers; it should help with your overall quality of the list as well.

By doing so, you will stay ahead of your competition and increase ecommerce conversion rate.

In this article, we’re bringing you 11 E-Commerce tips that will help you capture your customers.

Website Email Forms

Placing email sign-up forms throughout your site increases your chances of visitors signing up for your email list, especially if you use your copy wisely and offer a coupon voucher an incentive for them to sign up.

Try to include email forms on every page of your website. A few effective places include the very top of your website, in the sidebar, or the footer of every page on your website.

Website Popups

Website Popups have been a proven tactic to increase email sign-ups for quite some time now. They can be configured in various ways, based on the user interaction with your website.

You can configure them to show up after a certain amount of time has passed, after a user scrolls down a certain percentage of your page, when a visitor is about to leave the page or when a user clicks on a link or a button on your website.

The reason they work is well is because the user has already been engaging with your website for a while, thus increasing the chances of them signing up.

If you pair them with an irresistible offer such as 10% off their next purchase, they are sure to do wonders for your ecommerce conversion rate.

Checkout Forms

Many online stores place a pre-checked checkbox at the bottom of their checkout forms to get new subscribers for their email list. And while this works, especially if your visitors aren’t really paying attention to the checkout form, it can backfire on you rapidly.

Consider incorporating a button or a simple text link that triggers an email popup form which gives them a compelling reason to sign up for your email list. Chances are, your email subscribe rates will increase.

Add a blog

Adding a blog can be the best addition to your website. By posting relevant and engaging content on a regular basis, you have the chance to position yourself as an authority, and showcase the use of your products. You can include regular blog posts which talk about a particular problem your products solve, or you can create video posts that show how your product is being used or show you as you are working on creating your product.

Include a call to action at the end of every blog post that encourages website visitors to sign up for your email list and you will soon notice your email list is growing.

Apply scarcity marketing

It’s a well-known fact that we tend to want more of something when it’s not readily available. Take advantage of the times you’re re-stocking to remind your website visitors that there is only a certain amount of a particular item left. Place notifications throughout your shop that point to a particular item which is low on stock. You can also create a popup form that is triggered when a visitor looks at the item that’s currently out of stock to prompt them to sign up to be notified when the item is available again.

Create a sense of urgency

If you have certain items that are holiday specials, take advantage of those times and create targeted signup forms that notify your website visitors that this item is available for a limited time only. Similarly to scarcity marketing technique above, creating a sense of urgency has a significant impact on your conversion rates.

Personalize the experience

Establishing a personal relationship can be challenging when it comes to ecommerce websites. And we all know that a personalized experience is one of the best ways to make your visitors feel welcome. It shows them you care about them rather than just seeing them as another receipt in their cash register. There are several ways to create a personalized shopping experience on your website. Use metrics such as traffic sources, geolocation, keywords used, and recent searches to display related products when a visitor is looking at a particular item in your store. This can greatly improve their experience, foster loyalty and secure repeat purchases.

Create trust

Handing over your financial information over the internet makes anyone nervous. To show your visitors that they can trust, invest in an SSL certificate for your site. Seeing the little green padlock in their browser helps reassure your visitors that their sensitive information is handled over a secure server and that no data will be stolen.

Create a Facebook Contest

Even though social media can be a great way to establish a loyal following and get more eyes on your online store, nothing beats a personal message. Unfortunately, most social media platforms like Facebook don’t allow you to get your followers information easily.

Luckily, there is a way around this. By creating a Facebook contest campaign, you can entice people with an offer to win great awards and ask for their contact details in exchange. Chances are, your competitors are already taking advantage of this so it’s high-time you joined them.

Use Facebook Ads

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook ads are rather cheap nowadays so consider setting aside a budget for Facebook campaigns. Create a campaign that promotes your email list with a coupon offer on a dedicated landing page. Since they will land on a page with a clear call-to-action, your conversion rates will be much better. This means you now have direct access to your visitors and can contact them directly. Use this opportunity wisely to establish a relationship and build trust and you’ll see great results.

Use Promoted Pins

Pinterest is not only one of the most popular social media networks, it’s also a search engine where people create boards filled with items they want. Advertising on Pinterest is still relatively new so get one step ahead of your competition and create several promoted pins that will drive visitors back to your site and ideally to a blog post that promotes your email list.

Final Thoughts

Capturing your customers’ email address is the most important step you can take to boost your sales. We hope these 11 tips inspire you to come up with even more creative ways to capture your customers.

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